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  • Kristen Altus

Owner of popular restaurant chain considers running for NYC mayor: 'Not afraid to speak my mind'

The third-generation business leader of a popular New York-based restaurant chain has decided enough is enough, and teased a potential campaign bid for the Big Apple’s next mayor.

"I'm not afraid to speak my mind because I believe a lot of people are afraid to speak. And even though they're feeling a little uneasy right now, it's hard to speak up. I'm doing it respectfully. I'm doing it kindly. I'm not bashing anybody, but I think I have a picture of a New York City that can be a lot better than it is today," Junior’s Cheesecake owner Alan Rosen said Monday on "Cavuto: Coast to Coast."

"I think the politics and the policies have definitely gotten away. And it's time for a more businesslike approach to government, answering questions for the sake of the people and making decisions and moving forward every day," he continued. "And honestly, the first thing to solving a problem is to admit you have a problem."

Rosen has not formally announced he’ll be running for mayor, but clarified on Monday that he’s currently gauging political and public interest in his candidacy.

A self-described "moderate Republican," Rosen detailed his plan to win over a community of voters that's widely recognized as an electoral stronghold for the Democratic Party.

"As much as I want to be a cheerleader for New York City and have more people come to our city and visit it, there's a lot of negative news out there, and it's all true," Rosen said.

"People want law and order. They want clean streets. They want to be able to go to and from work in a safe way on the subways. Last night, there was a stabbing on 14th Street. It's just too often we've almost become desensitized to it," he added. "So yes, the quality of life is definitely suffering regardless of what our current mayor says the statistics show. I think all New Yorkers agree: enough's enough."

Junior’s has been serving its iconic dishes to New Yorkers since 1950, when Rosen’s grandfather opened their flagship Brooklyn location. The current owner has dubbed himself to be "The Hospitality Mayor" if he pursues his political aspirations.

"Maybe I'll be the ‘Hospitality Mayor’ and we'll manage the city for all New Yorkers, from all walks of life," Rosen noted.

"I'm hoping that someone from the Republican Party will reach out to me and say, ‘Hey, we like what you're saying, we like what you're doing, we want to back you in this endeavor.’ I don't have the kind of bread or cheesecake to do this on my own," Junior’s Cheesecake’s owner expanded. "I need an organization behind me, but I can make some pragmatic decisions and some smart decisions, and hopefully we can get back to some better times here in New York City."

New York City’s next mayoral election is scheduled for Nov. 4, 2025. Incumbent Mayor Eric Adams is expected to run for re-election for a second term.


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