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Water Filter and Storage

2 Gallon "Expand-A-Jug" Water Carrier

xpandable: Can fold down into a more compact size when not filled with water. It will also expand at the sides to accommodate up to 2-gallons (3 day’s worth) of water with ease.

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops

xtremely Powerful: Kills odor causing bacteria and enhances the taste of stored potable water
Long Lasting: Shelf life of 4+ years

WaterBrick Spigot

Ventless Spigot: allows for smooth and fast pouring
Safe: Meets FDA Standards & BPA Free

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Safely filters up to 1000 gallons (4,000 liters) of pure drinking water. This water treatment solution gives 1 person over 2 year's worth of pure drinking water.

Micropur Water Purification Tablets

The only tablets on the market that are EPA registered, these tablets will make just about any water completely safe to drink...

WaterBrick 3.5 Gallon Container Bundle of 2

3.5 gallons for each WaterBrick which is 27 pounds of water (suggested 1 gallon per person...

Personal Water Filter Straw

Both ends of the Personal Water Filter straw are removable for cleaning to extend the lifespan. The straw will filter up to 5,000 liters (1,320 gallons) of drinking water

4.2 oz. Water Pouch 6 Pack

Individually sealed in sterile, hermetically sealed pouches that are perfect for handing out quickly. Can be safely stored...

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