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Mysterious Shooting Near US Special Forces Base Raises Surveillance Concerns

A deadly altercation between a U.S. Army Special Forces colonel and two Chechen men near Fort Liberty, formerly Fort Bragg, has raised questions about potential surveillance of military personnel and their families.

The incident occurred on May 3 when the colonel confronted 35-year-old Ramzan Daraev, who was allegedly taking photographs of the colonel’s children using a telephoto lens. During the altercation, Daraev was shot and killed. A second man, Dzhankutov Adsalan, was questioned and released.

Neither Daraev nor Adsalan had personal identification or were found in any U.S. national databases, leading to speculation that they may have entered the country illegally. Daraev was reportedly working as a subcontractor for Utilities One, but at the time of the incident, he was not in possession of any utility equipment, clothing or identification.

U.S. Special Operations soldiers have reported an increase in suspicious interactions and surveillance in recent years, with some believing that military bases have become targets of foreign intelligence programs.

The FBI has provided a linguist to assist with interviews but has not opened a counterintelligence investigation, stating that the local investigation has not uncovered evidence of a federal crime.

Some critics argue that the incident highlights the need for stricter border security, suggesting that the presence of undocumented individuals near military installations poses a potential threat to national security.


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