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Hydrogen Peroxide: It’s Not Just For Cuts and Scrapes

Most of us are familiar with the use of hydrogen peroxide for cleaning out wounds. The bubbling action as well as disinfecting and drying properties can aid in the cleaning and healing of cuts and abrasions. But did you know that hydrogen peroxide has many other uses? This is certainly a handy product for anyone who is preparing for a survival situation or is just interested in being more self-sufficient.

Hydrogen peroxide is effective in killing most kinds of household mold. This property alone makes it valuable in a number of ways. Mixing 50% peroxide and 50% water in a spray bottle will give you a solution that will rid your home of mold. Just spray and wipe! This mold-killing property also comes in useful if you have a rain barrel or some sort of water purification system. An occasional rinse with hydrogen peroxide will keep these water systems mold free. 

Sprouting seeds can come in handy in some survival situations. Adding about one ounce of peroxide to one pint of water for soaking the seeds and for subsequent rinsing will improve the outcome of your sprout production. The peroxide protects your seeds from the fungi that can often mean death to the sprouts.

Hydrogen peroxide is useful as a rinse for vegetables. Whether store-bought or homegrown, making a rinse for soaking those veggies is always a good idea. Just put about a quarter of a cup of peroxide into a sink full of water and leave the vegetables to soak for at least 20 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide can kill both salmonella and e coli that might be present.

Rashes or bug bites can be a problem at any time, but the likelihood rises when a survival situation arises. Pour some peroxide into a bowl of water (about one part peroxide to five parts water). A hand or foot can be soaked directly in the bowl, or a towel can be soaked and then applied to the affected area. The disinfecting and drying properties of the hydrogen peroxide will speed healing and provide some instant relief.

That 50/50 spray solution that you made for killing mold can also come in handy for cleaning any cutting or food-prep surfaces. Any mold or bacteria present on the surface should be killed by the hydrogen peroxide.

Obviously, hydrogen peroxide is a versatile product that all of use should keep on hand. Keep in mind, if you plant on stockpiling this for future use, that it does have an expiration date. Like most products, it will most likely be good for some time after the expiration date printed on the bottle, but it won’t last forever. So use what you have if the expiration date is close, and restock your supply of this handy liquid.


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