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  • Allison White

How to download directions on Google Maps, Apple Maps to navigate easily offline

The way we travel has changed. The paper map that once unfolded to the size of a kitchen table now fits in our pockets. It also gives us detailed instructions for navigating almost anywhere in the world. And, if step-by-step instructions aren't your thing, you can use augmented reality to help you get to the right spot. 

But getting from point A to point B in a new place can be stressful, especially if you're in a foreign location and don't have cell service or WiFi. Fortunately, the navigation apps you might already be using can be used offline.

It's also helpful to save points of interest on your map, like where you're staying or places you want to eat. This makes it super simple to remember where you're staying or the name of the café you wanted to check out.

How to download offline maps

Google Maps and Apple Maps let you download maps to use offline. WiFi or cellular data is required to download the map, so you'll need to download it while you have service.

To download a map in Google Maps: 

  1. Search the city.

  2. Tap on the name or address. 

  3. Tap the three dots in the corner. 

  4. Tap Download offline map. 

  5. Adjust the window to include the areas you need. 

  6. Tap download. 

There are limitations on which directions are available in offline mode. According to Google, transit, bicycling and walking directions are unavailable offline.

To download a map in Apple Maps:


  1. Search the city.

  2. Tap Download. If you don't see the option, tap More, then Download Map. 

  3. Adjust the window to include the areas you need. 

  4. Tap Download. 

According to Apple, offline maps will still provide directions for driving, walking and cycling, as well as transit and restaurant hours.

To access the downloaded maps when you're on the go, use the app as you normally would. You can navigate anywhere as long as the beginning and end points are within the window you selected in the downloading process.

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