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Biden’s Administration Targets Lawful Gun Owners With New Regulations

President Biden’s administration has launched a series of measures aimed at tightening regulations on lawful gun owners and the firearm industry. Amid growing dissatisfaction over issues like open borders, rising crime, and escalating living costs, the administration’s latest actions have added to the frustrations of many Americans. The Department of Commerce introduced an interim final rule that imposes stringent bureaucratic hurdles on American gun companies and restricts the legal export of firearms and ammunition to civilians in other countries.

According to DailyWire, this rule is seen as an attempt to undermine domestic firearm manufacturers and push a globalist agenda. The new requirements mandate manufacturers to adopt export control classification numbers (ECCNs) in addition to existing serial numbers, complicating compliance and increasing costs without improving tracking capabilities.

Concurrently, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has redefined the term “engaged in business” to classify casual gun sellers as professional dealers. This change subjects them to a complex web of regulations, expanding the ATF’s control and moving closer to establishing a national gun owner registry.

These regulations bypass the legislative process, drawing criticism for executive overreach. Citizens can voice their opposition during the federal rule-making process. Although the comment period for the ATF’s business rule has closed, comments on the firearm export ban remain open. Opponents argue that the rule will not only burden manufacturers but also fails to address crime, as the vast majority of internationally trafficked guns come from government stockpiles, not legal civilian sales.

Heritage Action has launched a campaign encouraging Americans to submit comments against these new regulations, advocating for the protection of Second Amendment rights and challenging the administration’s approach to firearm control. With midterm elections approaching, this issue underscores the ongoing debate over gun rights and government regulation.


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