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  • Amber Williams

26 Survival Uses for Bandanas

Bandanas are an amazing survival tool with literally hundreds of uses. They are perfect for stockpiling and for packing in all of your bug out bags. Any prepper knows that these little gems are worth their weight in almost any kind of survival situations. We’ve compiled a list of 26 excellent uses for these multi-purpose powerhouses — though there are many more uses we couldn’t even begin to name them all here!

Share the list with your friends – and never underestimate the power of the bandana!


1. Signal – They can be waived to flag down help or disclose your location.

2. Wash Cloth – Bandanas are great for cleaning your hands, face and body, both in hygienic and first aid situations.

3. Tourniquet – To stop bleeding, a bandana can be tied around a limb as a tourniquet.

4. Pot Holder – When cooking in survival situations, a pot holder could save you from a poorly timed injury.

5. First Aid Sling – A few bandanas tied together can make an excellent temporary sling for first aid purposes.

6. Food Collector – When foraging a bandana is a great tool for collecting.

7. Hobo Pack – A bandana can make a rudimentary bag to carry your supplies safely in.

8. Sweatband – Tied around your head, it can help absorb sweat to keep you dry.

9. Gun Cleaning Cloth – A great tool for keeping your defense tools clean and working properly.

10. Napkin – A bandana makes an excellent napkin in a pinch.

11. Trail Marker – If you need to leave a signal on a trail, bandanas are excellent ways to mark where you’ve been to keep you or others you are with from getting lost in unfamiliar territory.

12. Strainer – To wash food you’ve found, or as a pre-filter for water, a bandana works well as a makeshift strainer.

13. Wet Before Wearing to Keep Cool – In dry, hot conditions, wet your bandana and wear around your neck to keep your body temperature cool.

14. Toilet Paper – No explanation necessary.

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15. Sling Weapon – A well placed rock in one end of your bandana can easily be slung at a potential enemy.

16. Bandage – To keep a cut or abrasion clean, wrap a bandana around it.

17. Neck Warmer – In cold weather, tie one around your neck to keep yourself from losing critical body heat.

18. Ear Muffs – Keep your ears toasty in wet and cold situations.

19. Sunblocker for Head – In almost all conditions– hot or frigid, the sun and sunburns are a real survival concern. Protect your head and other sensitive areas with tied bandanas.

20. Dust Mask – Especially in urban survival situations, you may not be able to trust the air you have to breathe. A bandana can double as a dust mask if you are concerned about air quality.

21. Handkerchief – You’ve got to blow your nose right?

22. Dishrag – You can’t afford to be sick when in a survival situation. Avoid food-related illnesses by keeping your supplies clean with a dishrag bandana.

23. Strip to Make Cord – If you need rope you can strip bandanas down and braid them to make a stronger cord.

The Survival Bandana – Survival Techniques Printed Bandana

24. Bind Together Items – If there is a broken bone, or if you need to produce a makeshift shelter, you may need a way to bind items together. A bandana is an effective tool for these uses.

25. Plug or Patch a Leak – Whether balled up and stuffed in a hole, or sewn as a patch for a tent or piece of clothing, a bandana can come in handy in a variety of situations.

26. Add Snow to Make Ice Pack – If you’re in snowy conditions, or you have access to cold water, a bandana can be used as a cold compress for injuries or to relieve heatstroke.


Especially for the kids, I love the bandanas that have useful survival information printed on them, like topographical maps, star charts, or pictures of wild plants for foraging. Check out this great selection of useful, and informative bandanas that are available too. Think of the bartering power of a bandana with an area wilderness map on it!


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