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Top 5 Popular Guns Not Suitable for SHTF

There are a large number of weapons made for self-defense. It’s important that you own one so you can come out a winner when SHTF. However, not all guns serve the same purpose.

When you want to get out of trouble and protect yourself and your family, you need to get hands-on with the right gun. Unfortunately, most manufacturers often market guns for SHTF, but it’s incompatible with every situation. 

We will bust the myths and introduce you to the five popular weapons that might not be the best for SHTF.

Let’s have a look:

1. Oversized Revolvers

Even though oversized revolvers are powerful, they are predominantly meant for outdoor hunting and are not the best choice for indoor use or home defense.

Besides, they are excessively loud and can damage hearing. Also, its size can make it difficult to handle in rapid-fire scenarios with challenging recoil.

Further, the increased muzzle and flash blast can blind you, especially in a poor light environment.

They can easily take someone down, but the collateral damage would be devastating as the bullets might damage your property or harm bystanders in the situation.

However, long barrel revolvers have the advantage of bullet velocity. We know that as soon as the bullet leaves the barrel, gravity acts upon it and slows it down.

In the case of oversize revolvers, their long barrel allows bullets to accelerate at a higher velocity due to the combustion of the powder charge. Hence, the gravity has less time to tackle the sizzling speed of the bullet.

Within this category, you’ll find several guns like the .454 Casull, the .44 Magnum, and .5 Smith, and Wesson Magnum are few to name.

Undoubtedly, these overpowered guns are not for self-defense as they are lethal offensive weapons that one should not place in his home.

You’d be better off with a medium to small framed revolver such as a .35 caliber or a 9mm revolver.

2. Bolt Action Hunting Rifles

You surely would have heard “Rifleman’s Rifle” well, Winchester Model 70 is the originator of this phrase. As the name suggests, these weapons are best for hunting but fail indoors.

The problem with this firearm is its long barrel making it arduous to use when you’re in a hurry. Every time, you will need to manually eject used casings after pulling the trigger.

But the Model 70 is equipped with a breaching system that prevents damage to the bullet nose. Further, it comes with an adjustable trigger and steel trigger guard.

The panic situation can put unnecessary pressure, ultimately leading to mishappening.

Finally, they can be dangerous as they can easily pierce through the target. Also, hunting rifles produce blaring noise and flash that may cause you permanent harm.

3. Single Action Revolvers

Single-action revolvers may look mesmerizing but are not as forceful and reliable as semiautomatic pistols and double-action revolvers.

They are slow to reload, and you must remove empty shell casings once you have spent. Besides, you’ll need to manually cock the hammer before every pull of the trigger.

However, the condition of single-action revolvers has changed a bit nowadays. The outlook of these revolvers has undergone design adjustments and also you don’t have to cock hammer each time.

Technically speaking, the recoil of the gun automatically pushes the hammer for more shots. Thus, no manual operation is required. There is nearly zero tension on the hands while using the single-action revolver, that’s why it’s comparatively better than a double-action revolver.

However, it gives off the vibes of an old west cowboy with a 6-round capacity. It also comes with a hammer block safety mechanism.

4. Pocket Pistols

The humble pocket pistol is another class of guns that isn’t suitable for an SHTF scenario.

To begin with, it does not have much power. Simply put, these small guns fit right into your pocket.

Some people might consider them as a backup firearm or even a concealed weapon, but they won’t be of much use in an SHTF full-blown scenario. You will either need to dedicate a separate pocket to keep the pistol gun or you need to get a holster. However, in a panic situation firstly you will have to get the pistol out of your pocket which will be a hectic process. Also, you may not have a better grip which will cause a big problem. That’s why a holster is recommended for a pocket pistol but everyone has a perception of keeping their pocket pistol in only the pocket. We recommend not relying on pocket pistols in the SHTF case.

You’ll find several guns in this category, like the Kel-Tec P-32 or the Ruger LCP, each with a short-range and high recoil. We recommend a semi-automatic over a pocket pistol.

5. Military Surplus Guns

Military surplus guns are weapons that belong to the World War era. Although, they are cheap but not suitable for SHTF.

These are designed for battlefields. They’re not for indoors or in situations where you need to be quick and aggressive.

Secondly, they can’t be considered the most reliable of guns in most cases and certainly have many disadvantages compared to more modern weapons. Weapon technology has continuously been advancing, and we have lot of better options at our disposal today.

However, it is worth mentioning that if you’re on a tight budget and need to defend openly, it might be worth getting one of these till you afford a modern weapon.

So What is The Best SHTF Gun?

Some people are clear on the best STHF gun for preppers to own.

Although choosing guns and pistols is a personal choice, each person will have their input and preference.

We found semi-automatics – both rifles and pistols – or even pump-action shotguns to be an ideal choice for home defense.

Also, a shotgun or a rifle can double as a hunting weapon when you’re out and about, making it a good option if a weapon offers both.


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