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I swear these pocket knives keep getting smaller and smaller, but remain just as fascinating and sharp.

Meet the Tiflex, a knife so tiny you could hold it using just two fingers. Designed to be compact enough to fit on your keychain, the Tiflex is a petite little knife that shouldn’t be underestimated. It packs a titanium body and houses a scalpel blade on the front, known for its deceptive sharpness. If you’ve ever used an Xacto Knife, imagine having the same kind of blade in a form factor small enough for you to carry safely with you and use for everything from opening boxes to cutting ropes and even self-defense.

Measuring a little more than 2 inches when closed, the Tiflex might be tiny, but it’s still rather immaculately designed. It comes with a flipper that makes one-hand opening easy – the flipper even acts as a finger rest to prevent your index finger from ever accidentally touching the blade’s edge – and even has a frame lock that prevents the blade from shutting while in use. All this packs itself in a design small enough that even your house keys look larger in comparison. Now you’re probably worrying about ergonomics.

The problem with small knives is that they have small handles, which can be annoying to hold, but that’s where the Tiflex achieves a pretty good balance. The knife’s handle is 2.1 inches, and along with the blade, the knife measures 3.7 inches from tip to base. Even for that small size, the Tiflex is fairly handy to hold and use. Sure, you can’t measure it against much larger, more ergonomic knives, but the Tiflex offers convenience instead, with its compact form factor. The knife is perfect for outdoor use, craft, EDC-adjacent activities, or even for self-defense. The sharp scalpel blade plays its role wonderfully in that regard, giving you a knife that feels effortless to use.

The scalpel blade, often made with either high-carbon steel or hardened tempered stainless steel, is known for its versatility. You can use the Tiflex to cut paper, leather, plastic ties, ropes, or even seatbelts. The sharp edge can carve wood too, and that hook shape comes in handy for piercing or clawing. Hold the knife upside down like you would a karambit (with the blade emerging from the base of your grip) and it’s perfect for self-defense too, allowing you to potentially get out of a messy situation quickly.

The entire knife is made out of just 5 parts, including the blade. The handle, hinge, and blade holder are all machined from solid titanium, making the overall knife extremely light at just 6.6 grams or 0.2 ounces, but still rather durable. The knife is impervious to damage, is waterproof, corrosion-proof, and can last decades. However, the blade won’t, but that’s why the Tiflex comes with a replaceable blade design.

The replaceable blade format is great for the Tiflex for a bunch of reasons. Sharpening knives is an art that not many people have the skill or patience for, and sharpening a tiny knife like the Tiflex can be even more of a challenge. Scalpel blades come in a variety of shapes and you can buy them in bulk, replacing the Tiflex’s blade whenever it gets dull, or if you want to swap out its hook shape for something a little different. There are quite a few blade designs to choose from, and they’re all compatible with the Tiflex. All you need to do is take the old blade out and pop a new one in and it locks in place. This ensures you can use the Tiflex for years just by replacing the blade every few months, and it also means the Tiflex is inherently TSA-friendly and flight-safe, because you can simply ditch the blade and carry the rest of the knife with you on board.

The chances of you accidentally carrying your Tiflex on board a plane are pretty high because of just how ludicrously little it is. It’s designed to be attached to your keychain and forgotten about until you need a knife. That’s honestly the best kind of knife – one that’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t. Designed by the folks at Titaner, the Tiflex comes in both right-handed as well as left-handed variants, so you can choose the style of knife based on your dominant hand. The knife is originally priced at $65, but backers can grab the Tiflex at a special discounted price of $42, with 10 scalpel blades included, and global shipping starting July 2024.

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