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Medicinal Plants You Need To Make Natural Home Remedies

Learn more about these medicinal plants and make effective home remedies for survival and off-grid living!

Know These Medicinal Plants for Your Own Good!

1. Marshmallow

You know you can’t make s’mores without marshmallows, of course. But did you know the sweet treat you know today was once made with the marshmallow plant?

When included in home remedies, it treats sore throat, cold, cough, and flu since it fights bacteria. It relieves skin problems and digestive complaints as well.

2. Aloe Vera

You may not have seen an actual aloe vera plant but it’s so popular—there’s no way you haven’t heard of it. It’s found in many products like shampoo, moisturizers, and healing ointments.

Aloe vera contains phytochemicals, effective in fighting fever associated with cuts and burns. It stimulates skin renewal too, so it helps fight skin aging.

What are Phytochemicals? These are organic compounds found in plants that fight pathogens and body invaders. Some are poisonous but many are used in traditional medicine, including aloe vera.

3. Pot Marigold

Like aloe vera, pot marigold is a popular topical treatment for various skin issues. Minor burns, infected cuts, blisters, and scars heal faster with pot marigold.

It also provides treatment for more severe skin problems such as acne, dandruff, and warts. Its properties also help reduce pain, muscle cramps, and stomach ulcers.

4. Chamomile

There’s a reason why chamomile tea is popular. It has qualities which combat anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia.

As an antioxidant, chamomile improves immune function, making your body healthier in general. It also reduces swelling, reduces pain, relieves constipation, and relaxes muscles.

A cupful of chamomile tea out in the mountains will totally do you some good.

5. Chinese Yam

Oriental Chinese medicine and diet almost always include medicinal plants. The Chinese yam for one is often included in their cooking.

That’s because the Chinese yam fights whooping cough and digestive inflammation. It is even included in treatments to prevent cancer.

So just imagine what it can do against a simple cough and stomach upset. It also helps improve your diet, address menstrual issues, and fight fatigue.

6. Echinacea

Native American medicinal herbs list always include echinacea or the coneflower. This amazing plant boosts the immune system and resists bacterial and viral infections.

With echinacea’s antibacterial properties, colds, flu, as well as burns, wounds, and sores are no problem at all. It also provides relief to stings, insect bites, and snake bites.

7. Great Yellow Gentian

This medicinal properties of this plant provide relief to stomach complaints. It helps soothe stomach aches and diarrhea.

It also helps improve digestion as well as improve appetite. Aside from treating stomach issues, the yellow gentian is also used to reduce sore throat and jaundice.

8. Siberian Ginseng

While look-alikes, Siberian, Korean, and American ginseng are not one and the same, all three have adaptogenic uses, though.

The Siberian ginseng, in particular, helps promote good health. It relieves stress and fights common ailments.

It is common in Asian medicine, but it’s gaining ground in the U.S.

Adaptogenic Definition: This natural substance helps the body adapt to stress. It also helps normalize the body’s physiological function.

9. Garlic

A very popular culinary ingredient, garlic boasts a lot of health benefits. That includes helping to control high blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and lower risks of heart disease.

Aside from all these, garlic also provides relief to colds as well as other viral infections. It is also an ingredient for homemade remedies to treat toothache pains.

10. Great Burdock

The Great Burdock is used as a remedy for various health issues. It may address indigestion, liver, and gallbladder problems.

Rheumatism and gout may also be treated with this plant. Its ‘purifying’ properties aid in expelling toxins from the blood and the urine.

This underground tuber stimulates the appetite and helps in dealing with anorexia. It also treats skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

11. Gotu Kola

Gotu kola aids in decreasing swelling and improving blood flow. For this reason, Gotu kola prevents or decreases the appearance of varicose veins and blood clots.

It also helps in preventing scars, stretch marks, and other skin issues. It has the potential to relieve anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia as well.

Essential Oils from Medicinal Herb Plants

1. Peppermint

You know this soothing herb very well because it’s found in gum, toothpaste, even in beauty products. Yet, the health benefits of mint shine most when consumed fresh as tea or flavoring to food and drinks.

Peppermint improves digestion, relieves gas, and soothes common symptoms of colds. It also alleviates nausea headache or even fatigue.

2. Sage

Sage has properties that address both internal and external health issues.

It boosts memory retention, lowers cholesterol and sugar, and eases stomach pain and diarrhea. When used externally, sage provides relief to cold sores and mouth sores.

3. Tea Tree

From bacterial infections down to sunburns, tea tree oil proves to be an effective natural treatment for a long list of health issues.

Tea tree oil is often referred to as the “medicine cabinet in a bottle,” and for those reasons. In fact, it is common to find tea tree oil in most Australian households, where the tea tree is native.

Cold and Sore Throat Home Remedy

  • Use tea tree oil as a rub for colds

  • Gargle with hot salt water for a sore throat

  • Gargle with apple cider solution for a sore throat

  • Mix water, lemon extract, apple cider vinegar, ginger, and turmeric root to make tea for a cold and sore throat

  • Use eucalyptus oil as a rub for colds

Home Remedy for Flu

  • Mix a cup of water and a cup of dried catnip, then add lemon extract and raw honey

  • Take omega-3 oil supplements or eat foods rich in omega-3

  • Heat water with elderberry extract, then add turmeric and cinnamon

  • Heat water with a mixture of thyme and peppermint

  • Fill a glass with licorice root and cover with water, then add honey

Expand your emergency preparedness skills by knowing medicinal plants for home remedies. Knowledge in traditional medicine is just as important as your survival gear.

When you’re in survival mode, you will have to forage for medicinal plants to make your own homemade treatment. Whether you’re an outdoorsman or not, you should know more about medicinal plants and their uses.


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