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Get Your FREE Copy of Foraging Secrets of Our Ancestors Rush Shipped to Your Door
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“This looks like the perfect book for me to grab and take with me when we go backpacking, camping and fishing. You never know when you might get lost in the woods and have the become self-reliant. I'll definitely make sure this is packed in my bag each time we go into the wild!”
- K.W.

About This Item

Did you know this common driveway "weed" is actually a natural opiate-free painkiller that some say has similar benefits to using morphine?

If you didn't know, your grandparents probably did! Our forefathers used it to treat all sorts of painful situations ranging from terrible toothaches to even horrific amputations!

And it's just one of the many plants you'll learn how to forage for in a brand new book entitled "Foraging Secrets of Our Ancestors".

And for the next 24-hours, you can claim a FREE Copy of this future best-seller during it's debut run...

In addition to the above, you'll also learn...

---How to correctly identify, harvest and prepare over 80 of the best edible plants and trees that our ancestors used for meals and for medicinal needs.

​---Learn the toxic and potentially deadly plants and trees that you must absolutely AVOID while you’re out harvesting!

---Suffer from digestive issues or indigestion? Try this gorgeous wild flower that is a time tested treatment for all sorts of stomach issues. ​

---​Learn about a remarkable berry that you can pick and eat that is not only delicious but is also proven to be an incredible IMMUNE BOOSTER and has been shown to improve heart health and lower cholesterol!

---Plus Much More!

As of this writing, there are about 183 books remaining in this nationwide giveaway and they're going fast!

Don't miss your chance to add this potentially life-saving guide to your library.

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