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Backyard Pharmacy

WARNING! These Plants will Disappear when a Crisis Breaks...
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"This is an excellent and informative book!!! A fun interesting read! She is a pleasure to read, like having tea with a friend, very pleasant! And she makes herbal medicine more simple then some of the other books I've read! A definite worth the purchase book! A keeper in your book collection!" -John T.

About This Item

In the aftermath of an unthinkable disaster or crisis, people will once again turn to plants for more than just food...

They'll use them for medicine too.

Unfortunately, once a crisis is in full swing it could be next to impossible to get your hands on the seeds or plants you need to grow a medicinal garden.

That's why the only way to guarantee your family has access to the life saving plants you need is to grow your own!

In her new book, Backyard Pharmacy, expert herbalist and author Jill Brady teaches you exactly how to grow your own life-saving medicinal garden.

You'll learn exactly what plants you should grow, how to grow them and what ailments and diseases they're best suited for.

And best of all? She's giving away the first 500 copies for FREE in a nationwide giveaway.

All you have to do is pay a modest shipping and handling fee and the book will be in your mailbox pronto!

This is a book that big pharma hates because even in non-crisis times most people can use the natural healing powers of plants to replace many of the toxic drugs and prescriptions they want to push on us.

Learn how to grow your own medicine starting today!

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