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They’re Poisoning Us Everyday

Brilliant, blinking neon signs have been warning us for years that we need to fix our food system. No one should be surprised by a title like this.

We have long been dumping pesticides on our food, filling the waterways with pollution, and poisoning our minds with divisive media that serves only to sell advertising.

Our journey into this toxic lifestyle was gradual and now each and every day we are awash in chemicals. We take chemicals to deal with our anxiety, we take chemicals to help us lose weight, we take chemicals to help us sleep and we take chemicals to give us energy.

Then there are chemicals that we have no idea we are even consuming. This all amounts to a daily regiment of poisoning ourselves and the people selling and using those chemicals know it.


Everyone’s ears should perk up when they hear the man who perfectly predicted the COVID-19 pandemic talk his new “produce coating” that makes food last 2x longer on the shelf.

I am talking about Bill Gates and his new product Apeel. Our food is already in transit and sitting on the shelf for far too long.

With the help of Gates’ new technology, we can eat food that is practically MONTHS old. That must be good, right? The answer is not shipping food across the country and spraying it with nonsense that will permeate the flesh of the produce.

If Apeel works so well, why not just spray it directly on humans? Trust me, if these elites ever find a way to increase their own shelf life, nothing will stand in their way.

Beyond this strange new additive to our food supply, we are also dealing the river of pesticides and herbicides used to produce our food and increase yields to their maximal levels. On the one hand it is great that we have an overabundance of food. It might not always be that way.

That said, these pesticides have negative affects on our sensory organs and nervous system.


Depending on where you live in the nation, your very access to water is already under the control of the government. Not only are things like water rights in question but a person’s ability to harvest rainwater is also taken away from them in certain states.

List of States with Water Collection Restrictions:

  1. Arkansas

  2. California

  3. Colorado

  4. Georgia

  5. Illinois

  6. Nevada

  7. Ohio

  8. Utah

  9. Virginia

  10. Washington

  11. Wisconsin

For millions of people in these states, they are left to use tap water or purchase water.

Tap water is filled with trace amounts of all kinds of poisons, pesticides, and of course medications.

The more America becomes a medicated nation, the more of it winds up in the water system.

Things like antidepressants have been found in the water supply for over a decade!

We put this water in our bodies and on our bodies every single day. With the government standing between people and clean water from the sky or the ground, they are forced to use this poison every single day.


It’s easy to understand how things that we eat, drink, and breathe can affect our health. How literal poison can be sprayed on our foods, in our water system and particulates afloat in the air. However, it is much harder to understand how we are poisoned by what our eyes and minds consume.

I am talking about media, content, social media, violence, pornography, and any confluence of these. We must be as vigilant with our mental diet. We are scrolling, viewing, downloading and even producing mental poison on a daily basis!


Sedation is a type of cruelty that we don’t really understand yet.

The needle and vial come to mind when you think of sedation, right?

Well, what about a device that fills your every waking hour with something to scroll, something to watch, and something to play? What if the human drive to explore and invent is destroyed by “achievements” in video games?

Has your inner warrior been sedated by violent video games ? This is happening to millions if not billions of people on our planet each day. It’s as nefarious as poisoning the well.

Sure, some will escape the clutches of this digital daily syringe, but most will become complacent and happy in the digital realm. Sedated.

The Future Is Poison

Lab grown meat, filthy crickets, and the Bill Gates farming coalition are the future of food. This is not a conspiracy. London, Ontario is operating a massive cricket farm as we speak. They produce 13 kg of cricket protein each year.

An investment of this size doesn’t happen without understanding demand. The crickets are coming to a burger near you!

Lab grown meat is currently in the approval stages by the USDA. With our ‘by any means necessary’ approach to saving the planet, lab grown meat will undoubtedly be on store shelves sooner rather than later.

Our traditional farmers are under attack, too. If we don’t support these local farmers, they will be put out of business and your choice of foods will disappear with them.

It’s clear there is only one path we can take to avoid this daily dose of poison. It is the creation of our own systems that produce food, water, and promote clean air.

We don’t all need to become cattle ranchers but keeping a few chickens and a small garden can give you access to clean food.

Building relationships with farmers and food producers in your community as this can meet your needs and help build a larger food system that provides clean food for those around you.

We also need to take a step back from this dreadful news cycle to give our brains a chance to detox. The poison of social media has us at each other’s throats, but it is just addicting enough that we need a little shot each day.

It’s time for a serious shift in how we live our lives, daily. Truth is, all of this couldn’t happen at a better time because we have reached a point where true change is required for survival.

Make 2024 the year you make BIG changes in preparedness and self-sufficiency.


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